Stephen Leacock Graduation photo 15-v2    Joseph Boyden - Comédie du Livre 2010 - P1390765
Atwood, Margaret
Avison, Margaret
Berton, Pierre
Brand, Dionne 
Carrier, Roch
Cohen, Leonard
Coupland, Douglas
Davey, Frank
Davies, Robertson
Donoghue, Emma
George, Chief Dan
Hébert, Anne
Hill, Lawrence
Kinsella, W.P.
Klein, Naomi
Laurence, Margaret
Layton, Irving
Leacock, Stephen
MacLennan, Hugh
Martel, Yaan
McCrae, John
McLuhan, Marsha11
Mitchell, W.O.
Montgomery, Lucy Maude
Mowat, Farley
Munro, Alice
Munsch, Robert
Ondaatje, Michael
Penny, Louise
Richler, Mordecai
Roy, Gabrielle
Toews, Miriam
Urquhart, Jane  
Naomi Klein at Berkeley, California, in 2014 (cropped)     LMM signed photo

Margaret Atwood Eden Mills Writers Festival 2006
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